Brand Safety Policy 

Encore digital Media is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of brand safety. Working together with the IAB and JICWEBS to help reduce ad fraud, improve the digital advertising experience and increase brand safety. Encore have been fully certified in the IAB Gold Standard and JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG). By obtaining these certifications and completing the rigorous accreditation process we have reinforced our commitment to improving standards across the industry. These seals further highlight our commitment to providing our clients with a level of transparency they should expect from all their partners.

All the procedures and setting listed below form part of the Encore campaign set up, activation and reporting framework. Encore use Boolean logic to ensure all steps below run in unison resulting in only the highest quality inventory being bid upon.  


1.Default DSP brand safety settings - Encore takes a tech agnostic approach when working with DSP’s our position is to always have the strongest quality filter setting enabled. This ensures that we only have the opportunity to bid on the highest quality. inventory.

2.3rd party verification segments - Encore use as default 3rd party pre-bid segments to avoid any fraud, non-human traffic, incentivised clicks and hijacked devices. We also avoid as default any inventory that is flagged as medium severity content and above from and a brand safety prospective (The full list of avoidance categories are available upon request). Encore as standard will only bid across the placements that are deemed to have the highest viewability by our 3rd party verification partners.      

3.Custom key word blocking - Encore will work with each advertiser/client on a case by case basis to apply their custom keyword blacklist. Alternatively, the default Encore blacklist can be applied. 

4.Whitelist/Blacklist - Encore has a human audited whitelist first approach that has been curated and refined over the last 6 years, this is a standard across all campaigns. Ensuring that all inventory is of highest quality and integrity, relevant to each advertiser. Client/agency blacklists can be applied where applicable, this is continuously monitored and updated where Encore deems any site/publisher/exchange to be sending suspicious traffic that may or may not have been flagged by a 3rd party verification partner. 


Post-bid reporting 

1.Encore applies a 3rd party verification tag script to every creative that is served. This collects data on the page to allow us to independently track metrics such as but not limited to viewability, brand safety and fraud rate. This information feeds into our verification reporting system, allowing our operations team to continuously track and optimise towards only the highest quality and viewable ad placements.


Custom client approach  

As referenced above Encore can work with any client/agencies internal brand safety best practices ensuring all campaign settings are mirrored, complementing the existing Encore protocol.


Take-down Policy 

Should a client have any brand safety related query, Encore will initiate our take down procedure which ensures activity will be paused and an investigation is launched within 24 hours of notification from either the client or Encore’s own discovery. Such notifications should be directed to either your client services contact or directly to the ad ops team
The contractual consequences of not taking down an advert in accordance with our Take-down policy are evaluated and agreed with the client on a case by case basis.