• Drive awareness of the Suzuki National Sale event online and into 160 Suzuki dealerships across the UK


  • During the campaign we combined real time bid segments and geo-fence targeting by utilising Encore exclusive data in the automotive consumer space based on site visits to the selected Suzuki models and their competitor sets

  • We used our geo-targeting capabilities to only target in market consumers within an 8 mile radius of Suzuki dealerships

  • Through regular reporting and campaign optimisation we were able to establish trends and learnings such as which environment, creative and time of day resonated best with the audience and which manufactures were the biggest competitors for Suzuki based on cross site traffic


  • The KPI was to achieve a viewability target of 70% we achieved 81.2%

  • Total delivery was over 1.7 million impressions

  • Generated over 3,000 clicks to the Suzuki National Sale Event website