Targeting in-market car buyers using tried, tested and non-assumptive data sources, exclusive to us

Our exclusive data partnerships mean that Encore Automotive can use data directly from car manufacturer websites to target users who fit the behaviour of somebody in the ‘in-market’ phase.

Car review sites and manufacturers do not share their data on 3rd Party platforms, making Encore Digital Media the true leader in reaching in-market car buyers effectively through programmatic.

We can help your automotive brand achieve the following:


Get on a prospective buyer’s shortlist

We help brands target in-market buyers who are starting their new car purchase journey. Through our exclusive data partnerships, we can target users who fit the behaviour of somebody looking at a whole range of car categories and models. 


Drive sales conversions

Whether you’re looking to drive conversion through test drive bookings, car configurations or engaging with the content on your website, Encore Automotive can use non-assumptive cross-site data to accurately identify your competitor set model level and convert users into sales.



We can reach a specific manufacturer’s current car owners to ensure they are reminded of service and warranty packages on offer.

Our targeting capabilities

When it comes to ensuring in-market buyers are engaged with your advert, timing is everything and exposing users to the right campaign messaging, at the right time, is what we excel at.

Our exclusive data partnerships help identify users at different stages of the purchase journey. We can nurture prospective car buyers all the way through the purchase journey to ensure that it is your brand that they consider.


Stage 1


User engagement with car feature based content e.g performance, safety

We target those who are in the early stages of the purchase journey with feature-specific messaging around aspects such as safety, performance or economy.

Stage 2


User engagement with model-specific content on manufacturer's websites

We use data gathered or sequential targeting from Stage 1 to reach engaged users with price point or offer-led messaging specific to the model.

Stage 3


User engagement with dealer locator, car configurator, finance options

Using our exclusive dataset we can implement campaign tactics to help drive conversion and acquisition.

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Russell Kearney

Head of Automotive