Digital platforms play an ever-increasing role in reaching luxury audiences; the path to purchase is more and more complex for affluent customers

Technology is having an even greater impact on how luxury shoppers choose brands and goods.  80% of luxury goods purchases are influenced by digital channels; understanding your audience and knowing their preferences are critical to any brand’s success.

Customers expect communications to speak to them directly, if a brand doesn’t have a clear picture of their consumer, they cannot fulfil this expectation.

Elite by Encore delivers measurable, unparalleled ‘audience first’ targeting, reaching the most responsive buyers.

Utilise our exclusive data partnerships, to make campaigns more effective, generate audience insight as well as making actionable, real customer connections

Intelligent advertising is used to achieve and exceed your business goals. We deliver hard to find audiences with accuracy, inspiring conversations between consumers and brands.

Luxury brands always strive for uniqueness; we help them and their agencies by building tailored, relevant data strategies for their brand campaigns to connect and engage with their affluent audiences.

Experts in affluent audience engagement, our superlative team of dedicated luxury specialists span; client servicing, delivery and audience teams

Utilising data to make campaigns more effective, generate audience insight as well as making actionable real customer connections, through media experiences across mobile, display, mobile, video, social, influencer and in app.

Transparency and brand safety are of utmost importance to us. No matter what activity you run with us, all advertising will be served on premium websites from a whitelist that you approve before any activity goes live.  

Tailored to achieve any campaign objective

We have extensive experience in running campaigns to achieve any objective. Whether your objective is acquisitions, engagements or reach, we will tailor our solutions to ensure you get the best performance.

We strive for unparalleled excellence and positive brand experience through:


Quality placement opportunities






in delivery

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GUY O'Brien

CEO & Co-founder