9-day fortnight

Today we are launching a 9-day fortnight scheme, the first of its kind in the programmatic industry, which aims to help support employee wellbeing and mental health as well as encouraging a more collaborative and communicative working environment.

We took inspiration from many of the conversations taking place across the UK about the benefits of flexible working and integrated it into the Encore business.

In the media industry, there’s little conversation around flexible working and because of that, there’s little discussion around topics like stress, fatigue and burnout - prominent issues. Not only do we want our staff to be able to be honest with how they’re feeling at work but, We also want to give them the opportunity to have regular time-out to care for their physical and mental health. The 9-day fortnight is something we’ve meticulously researched and truly feel is a great way forward.

Working on a rotating system, each employee, from CEO to Junior Account Manager, will have a weekday off every other week. This system not only encourages a rest day where employees take time out with a strict ‘no emails’ policy but, it also ensures that employees don’t become further ingrained into a routine as they’re encouraged to take a different day off each fortnight.

We have also made the decision to make this scheme a no strings attached policy - employees do not have to freeze or forgo any of their salary, work longer hours or give up any holiday days. This new scheme is implemented to help all of our employees; We aren’t expecting them to give something back in return for wellbeing support - to us, that seems counter-intuitive. The way we are implementing this means that not only are we focusing on mental health awareness in the workplace, we are also looking at how we can work together more efficiently. A 9-day fortnight will encourage everyone to knowledge-share and collaborate on projects so, at any point, a project can be left by one employee on their day off and be easily picked up by another.

Abigale Borsberry