The online consumer is in a hurry. They spend just 13.5 days researching their next car purchase. From first landing on a manufacturer’s website to booking a test drive*

With the car advertiser’s window of influence narrowing, reaching users at the right time and with a message that really resonates is becoming more and more crucial.

*Sophus3 Consumer’s Digital Journey Research 2018

We are experts in reaching niche audiences, having applied our learnings to accurately target the breadth of the automotive sector through our Encore Automotive solution

Our knowledge and experience in finding the right type of car buyer is unmatched in the industry. 

Our sector know-how allows us to deliver against the right audience and optimise towards the needs of any campaign.

Our Client, Audience and Delivery teams are the best in the business and they help to guide our clients every step of the way through a dynamic media landscape.

With our exclusive data partnerships and deep knowledge in the Automotive market we can help you target:


Fleet or company car decision makers / User choosers

Using exclusive data partnerships from organisations associated with Fleet Managers and Decision makers, we can reach users in charge of fleet/company car operations in their business within any company size.


In-market consumer car buyers researching their next car

We can use tried, tested, trusted and interrogated exclusive data sourced directly from car manufacture websites, car clubs and dealership networks to build audiences and reach in-market buyers in a non-assumptive way.  


Encore Automotive are experts at engaging with any type of car buyer through display, video, mobile and social

Campaigns are served against a pre-agreed whitelist of premium websites.

Brand safety and transparency is of utmost importance to us. No matter what activity we run, all advertising will be served on premium websites from a whitelist that you approve before any activity goes live.

Tailored to achieve any campaign objective

We have extensive experience in running campaigns to achieve any objective. Whether your objective is acquisitions, engagements or reach, we will tailor our solutions to ensure you get the best performance.


Quality placement opportunities

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Russell Kearney

Head of Automotive