Using our exclusive data partnerships, Encore use data from car manufacturer websites to target users who fit the behaviour of somebody in the 'In-Market' phase. This data is constantly refreshed and Encore are the only company who can offer this.



Targeting In-market buyers who are starting their journey towards a new car purchase. Through our exclusive data partnerships, we have access to car manufacturer data which enables us to target users who fit the behaviour of somebody looking at a whole range car categories and models. 


Generating Test Drives and Brochure requests

Moving from shortlisting to driving in-market buyers to booking a test drive, ordering a brochure or locating their nearest dealership. We can target users who are in the latter stages of their buying journey to drive conversions to sale.



Reach current car owners of a specific manufacturer to ensure they are reminded of Service and Warranty Packages that are on offer.

Our targeting capabilities

Encore makes reaching in-market car buyers straight forward. Timing is everything and exposing users to the right campaign messaging, at the right time is what we excel at. Our exclusive data partnerships help identify users at different stages of the purchase journey. We can nurture prospective car buyers all the way through the purchase journey to ensure that it is your brand that they consider via the specific tactics we can execute.  

For example:


Stage 1

User engagement with car feature based content e.g Performance, Safety

Encore target these users who are earlier in the purchase journey with feature specific messaging around aspects such as safety, performance or economy.


Stage 2

User engagement with model specific content on manufacturer websites

Encore use data gathered or sequential targeting from stage 1 to reach engaged users with price point / offer led messaging specific to model.


Stage 3

User engagement with dealer locator, car configurator, finance options

Encore utilise exclusive data to implement campaign tactics that assist conversion to acquisition.

analysing data sets we can nurture & target specific customers. 


Targeted Prospecting

Smart, tailored display advertising that leverages the right high quality motoring data to deliver in the right environments across multiple devices. Constantly optimised to achieve the right performance benchmark.


Social media placement

Utilisation of socially led digital channels to reach the car buying target audience outside of traditional publishing channels.


Video placement

Tailored placement of brand led video ad formats across publisher and social channels aligned with In-market motoring data.


Intelligent remarketing

Delivery of capped re-messaging that heightens brand awareness and recall whilst being respectful of the user and the brand.


Data nurture

Curation of data owner and advertiser cookie pools for hyper-targeted, relevant motoring advertising that’s ready to go.